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Training and professional positions

Dr Ola Krupinska


Dip Child Psych


Ola Krupinska graduated from medicine at Monash University in 1969, and trained in psychiatry in Melbourne. She has a wealth of experience, acquired over 25 years, in adult, adolescent, child and family psychiatry. Ola has extensive experience in general psychiatry, psychodynamic psychotherapy, post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociation. In addition to her work at Central Melbourne Gastroenterology, Ola is a member of the St. Vincent’s psychodynamic psychotherapy supervision team, works for Koori Kids and in general psychiatric private practice.

At Central Melbourne Gastroenterology Ola sees and jointly manages patients referred by the gastroenterology team. She recognizes the need to treat the whole person and not just the disease. Patients with functional and organic gut disorders can experience anxiety, depression and family problems that need treatment in their own right. Stress, anxiety and depression related to their clinical state, past trauma or developmental and family issues can contribute to gastrointestinal problems, but can be explored and dealt with. Not all patients need this kind of help, but when they do Ola is available to provide specialist assessment and help in the context of multi-disciplinary care.


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