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Training and professional positions

Ms Angela Khera


Physiotherapist & Behavioural Therapist

Angela has over 20 years experience as a physiotherapist treating men and women with pelvic floor dysfunction and has post graduate qualifications in pelvic floor physiotherapy. Her special interest lies in the management of bowel disorders such as constipation, bowel frequency and/or urgency and bowel incontinence (loss of control).  Angela is passionate about educating and enabling people to manage their bowel condition, allowing them to enjoy a more active & happy lifestyle.


Angela has travelled extensively to centres in the UK, Europe and the US renowned for their management of bowel dysfunction and was awarded a Victorian Travelling scholarship by the Victorian Government in 2012. 


She is an invited lecturer at the University of Melbourne (School of Physiotherapy), a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the Continence Foundation of Australia.


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Patient appointments with our physiotherapists do not require a referral letter from a general practitioner or specialist.  However, background information from your doctor regarding your condition can be helpful.  If you are eligible for a GP care plan, a Medicare rebate may be claimable.  Please contact our office to discuss fees and to arrange an appointment.

Bowel Behavioural Training Program


The therapy programme offered by physiotherapists, Angela and Isabella Lees-Trinca includes:

  • Thorough assessment of the existing problem(s) and possible contributing factors

  • Education about the condition and strategies for managing it on a daily basis

  • Establishing a regular bowel habit

  • A personalised programme designed to improve the function of the muscles involved in effective bowel emptying and/or effective bowel control.  These are practised daily at home and may include

                  Correcting posture & breathing patterns

                  Improving control of the abdominal muscles

                  Improving control of the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles


  • Assistance with diet and medication –  learning how to manage without bowel medications/laxatives or how to use them more effectively


  • Training may also include the use of a small balloon placed into the rectum (lower bowel) while in the clinic.  This is a type of biofeedback and is used to teach the muscles (and the brain) how to perform the correct actions of ‘emptying’ or ‘holding on’.  It also helps to train bowel sensation – recognising a proper urge to go to the toilet.  This treatment is safe.


The initial session is one hour.  Learning new skills and developing new habits takes time – at least 3 - 6 months and up to 12 months to make them permanent. Progress is monitored and the training programme adjusted over time.  The average number of sessions is 3 - some people will need less and some more. 


Most people (70%) benefit significantly from completing a full programme and by working consistently every day at home.  Improvement can be maintained long term with continued attention to the strategies learnt.


See link “Physiotherapy and Bowel Behavioural Treatment


Please call or email our friendly staff if you have any questions about our services, specialists, referrals or fees.

We are located at 55 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy between St Vincent's public and private hospitals.
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